Is Your Home Ready to Handle All Those Holiday Decorations? Exterior Outlets can Help!


The holidays are at our heels, and many of us will be putting up home light displays after Thanksgiving as a way to usher in the winter festivities. Think about your dream holiday lighting display – a home wrapped in light and color, a display worthy of drawing a collection of “oohs” and “aahs” from both visiting relatives and passersby. But before you take down your collection of baubles from winters past, ask yourself this: is your home ready to take on the most complex and elaborate of holiday light displays? Or will you need to pull down that box of extension cords too, wondering where to trim back due to a lack of power supply? If your visions of an awe-inspiring light display have been curbed by electrical limitations in the past, consider an easy and relatively economical fix: exterior outlets.

Adding an exterior outlet to your home is a simple electrical upgrade that can be performed in less than a day by a licensed electrician. Having an exterior outlet installed is similar to the process of having an interior outlet installed – the biggest difference between the two outlets (besides the location) is that exterior outlets are also installed with waterproof covers and other weather-proofing features, as they will be subjected to more extreme environmental wear-and-tear than the outlets inside your home. Having an extra exterior outlet or two can cut down on the number of extension cords you need to use, drawing more attention to your carefully constructed light display and reducing the number of possible tripping hazards in your front yard.

Of course, exterior outlets can be useful after the holiday season, too! Exterior outlets can help you complete home improvement projects faster by providing a handy place to plug in your power tools. And if you like to use your back yard and patio area for summer get-togethers, an exterior outlet will allow you to hang additional lighting to help your party last long into the night. Whatever outdoor electrical needs you face, an exterior outlet can provide a safe and convenient source of power for your lights, tools and appliances.

Think it’s time to kick your holiday light display up a notch? The electricians at Home Comfort can help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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