Motion-Activated Lighting: A Simple Home Upgrade for Greater Peace of Mind

outdoor-lightingThe transition from summer to fall has a way of sneaking up on us. Barely a month ago, we were enjoying temperatures in the 80s here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley – today, raincoats and scarves are hanging on the backs of office doors. But the temperature isn’t the only thing that has changed; sunrise is happening later in the morning, and night is coming faster as October wears on.

For some people with early morning commutes, that time of year is fast approaching when it will be just as dark when they get home from work as it was when they left at the crack of dawn! For many, it is simply an annoyance to fumble for their keys in the dark, but for others, those periods of darkness before and after a commute can be a bit creepy. Luckily, a trusted electrician can make this time of year a bit less wearisome by installing a basic home security and safety device: outdoor motion lights.

Having motion-activated lights installed over your porch or driveway is a smart idea at any time of year, but they can be especially helpful during the wintertime and around the holidays. Besides having a reliable source of light in the early morning or late evenings, a motion-activated light is a helpful tool to have in your anti-burglary arsenal. Reports have shown that thieves and intruders are less likely to approach and break into a well-lit home, since they don’t want to risk being seen and described to police after a break-in.

Motion-activated lights can also help you save energy! Motion lights are helpful for those of us who want to save energy, but have trouble remembering small details, like turning the porch light off after everyone is home for the night. Since motion lights only turn on when the house is approached, and automatically turn off after a short period of time, homeowners can remove a frequently-overlooked item from their bedtime checklists.

Whether your life could use more convenience, conservation, or security, motion-activated lights are a practical and simple home solution. Fall is the perfect time to install a security light and reap the benefits of a well-lit home, inside and out.

Do you think it’s time to add a motion-activated light to your home? Home Comfort’s electricians can help with your outdoor lighting needs. Schedule an appointment today!

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